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Upgrading to Monterey

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Check Compatibility

macOS Monterey is compatible with the following computers. If your Mac isn't compatible, you might be able to install an old version of macOS instead.

MacBook Pro introduced in 2015 or later
MacBook Air introduced in 2015 or later
MacBook introduced in 2016 or later
Mac mini introduced in 2014 or later
iMac introduced in late 2015 or later
iMac Pro
Mac Studio
Mac Pro introduced in 2013 or later
View the complete list of compatible computers.


Make a Backup

Before installing any upgrade, we advise that you backup your device. 


What do I do Now?

Before you upgrade there are a few things you want to do to prepare:

  1. Make sure that your computer has been backed up.
  2. Plugin your computer to a power source. (This will ensure that your computer has enough power to complete the upgrade.)

Now that you have prepared your computer for the upgrade we can begin.

  1. To start the software upgrade choose the Apple menu in the top left screen and select “About This Mac” then select the “Software Update” button. This will now show you what versions are available to you.


2. Select the "Upgrade Now" button. Select "Install Now" to begin the install.

3. Allow the upgrade to download and for your Mac to prepare the update. This may take longer that the given time estimate under the loading bar. It may appear to be stuck at time but this is normal. Do not close the computer or restart during this preparation period.



4.  Once your Mac has prepared the upgrade,  a "Restart now" button will appear. Clicking this button will install the upgrade to your Mac. You will be prompted to enter your password before the install can begin, this will restart the computer and apply the upgrade.


5. Your computer will then install the upgrade and may restart several times during this process. Once the upgrade is complete you will be presented with your login screen. To verify that your upgrade was successful go back to the Apple menu  “About This Mac” Version should now say macOS Monterey.



Need assistance?

If you have any questions about the update on your computer you can schedule an appointment to address any concerns you may have about this update. Visit our team page to book an appointment with your primary Mac Technician here.

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