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Update the software on your Mac

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To check for Mac software updates, open the App Store app on your Mac, then click Updates in the toolbar. If updates are available, click the Update buttons to download and install them.spacer.png

The Mac App Store shows updates for Mac, not updates for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. If you don't have the App Store on your Mac, get OS X updates by choosing Software Update from the Apple () menu.

If you don't see an expected Mac update:

  • Install any updates that are available, then check for updates again. Some updates appear only after installing other updates, and some updates are part of other updates. For example, updates for Safari don't appear, because you get them as part of OS X updates.
  • Use the Search field in the toolbar to search for the app that you want to update.
  • Click Purchased in the toolbar to see the apps that you got from Mac App Store. If you got an app from somewhere else, check with the maker of the app for updates.
  • If you're using Snow Leopard or Lion, get OS X updates by choosing Software Update from the Apple menu. You can still get app updates from the Mac App Store.

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