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macOS Ventura Released

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macOS Ventura Released


On October 24, 2022 Apple released the newest OS, macOS Ventura. 

As a security policy, we block the upgrade to the latest macOS version until the second iteration is out, in this case, 13.2. Noting that new MacBooks that are ordered will come with this new operating system. 


Why do we block?


We initially block new releases for compatibility reasons. Many applications such as ZOOM, Google Drive, Dropbox and are not fully compatible with macOS Ventura on Day 1 of release. Until new releases of these tools are available and any initial bugs have been patched, we do not recommend early adoption of the OS.


Why Shouldn't You Upgrade to macOS Ventura just yet?

Apple's macOS Ventura software update can have all the impressive features in the world, but we still have valid reasons not to update just yet. So, let's take a look at the downsides:

1. macOS Ventura May Have Some Bugs Initially

Each new macOS version goes through a long testing period before Apple finally releases it to the general public. The first stage is the developer beta, followed by the public beta, which allows users to test the new software and report any bugs to Apple.


Apple then patches any bugs or vulnerabilities in every successive beta version. This means that the company fixes all major and minor issues before the final rollout of the software.


However, like any other major upgrade or software release of this kind, there might still be some bugs or glitches that will need ironing out after the final public release. Usually, Apple fixes these issues within days of the official release, so it may be worth waiting for a few days to have a more stable version.

2. Some Apps Might Not Be Compatible Straight Away

Another main reason for the developer beta is to allow developers to test their software and make it compatible with the newest macOS release. And although most developers have their software ready for release in time for the final macOS release, there still may be some apps that might not be compatible with macOS Ventura.


Similarly, you may run into some apps that work with macOS Ventura but do not take advantage of its new features. In that case, you may want to stay on your current macOS version to ensure third-party app compatibility.

3. Some Features Will Not Be Available Initially

Apple announced some great features alongside macOS Ventura's announcement at WWDC 2022; however, unfortunately, some features won't be arriving at the launch of macOS Ventura.


For example, Apple says that Freeform won't be available in the initial public rollout and will arrive in a later point version update of the software. So, you may want to wait a couple of months and install the final feature-packed macOS Ventura once it has everything you are looking for.

When will it be released, available and supported?

Typically we like to be certified in the operating systems that we support. Apple releases trainings and certifications on their operating systems each winter and our staff becomes subject matter experts in the systems we support including macOS. Once certified we typically feel comfortable upgrading users to the newest versions. 


To avoid upgrade fatigue we run one upgrade cycle per year typically in the fall after Apple has worked out all its bugs on the newest OS, however the new OS is typically introduced indirectly by purchasing new computers with the new OS on it. 


This means we need to be able to support Ventura on day one which we can do for sure but to avoid business disruptions for the reasons listed above we will be blocking this initial release and lifting that once macOS Ventura has reached a “stable state”.


If you have any questions about any of this, please reach out to us at We will be publishing macOS update announcements for Big Sur, Monterey and Ventura as they are released here on our support site. 

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