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How to Print from iPad and iPhone

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Did you know you can print right from your iPhone or iPad? All you need is to be connected to a printer on a wireless network and to use AirPrint or a third-party app.

It’s very easy when you have a compatible printer. You can print wirelessly with just the click of a button. Check the list of AirPrint printers available on Apple’s website. Apple’s AirPrint technology has been available for several years. Today the technology can be used on printers that do not have AirPrint installed but are wirelessly connected and can be accessed via a third-party software app and/or hardware.

AirPrint is available on a wide variety of printers. AirPrint works for iOS and macOS.

You can see the option via a share button on the iPhone or iPad. This is available for any application that supports printing like Mail and Safari. As long as the printer is configured right and connected to the same network that your iOS device is connecting to, you can find it and get it to print easily.

For example, when you want to print an email from iOS with AirPrint, open the Mail app and the email or attached document (PDF for example). Tap Share. Check that the AirPrint printer appears in the Printer options. If not, look for printers in the list of Printers under the Printer option. After you have selected the printer, your document will be printed straight from your iPhone or iPad out on to your printer tray.

If you have a printer that does not have AirPrint installed, you can still print using it. You will need to connect the printer to a Mac computer. Then you can install an app that will let you use AirPrint on an iOS device. Some apps that offer this functionality include Print n Share, Handy Print and Printopia.

You can further extend the reach of the Mac’s printing capabilities using an AirPort base station where your Mac can print to any computer on the network and not just one directly connected to it.

Finally, there are devices that support AirPrint printing directly that you can connect to your printer such as Lantronix xPrintServer that lets you print to any printer right from your iPhone or iPad.

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